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Research Room

Spiess Research Room Policies


Researchers are encouraged to visit and use the Archives. If not possible, staff may assist answering research questions via e-mail or telephone. Any search requiring more than 15 minutes of staff time for non-society members will require an hourly rate of $25, with a one-hour minimum. Pre-paid members and sponsors are not charged for this service. Patrons visiting the research room shall observe the following guidelines:

  • All patrons should call in advance to make an appointment, and sign the guest book at the front desk when arriving.

  • Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited and patrons must wash their hands before handling any unprotected archival material. Gloves may be required for some objects.

  • Patrons are to use pencils only when taking notes to avoid possible damage, and should use paper strips to mark pages instead of “sticky notes”.

  • Arrangement of the materials in their storage containers and locations are to be retained and patrons are expected to utilize the archive’s shelf markers in order to re-shelve them correctly.

  • All bags and packages are subject to inspection upon departure.

  • Photocopies may be made under staff supervision at a cost of $0.25 each.

  • Photography of archival materials is prohibited. High-resolution (300d.p.i.) JPEG images may be purchased at $10 each, provided that the photo credit, “From the collection of the Fulton County Historical Society” accompanies each image. If time does not permit, these images shall be sent via mail or electronic mail to patrons.

  • Use permits to publish or publicly display any image or a photograph of an object from the collection of the Fulton County Historical Society shall require a use fee. Contact the museum director to obtain a fee schedule. Non-profit and educational institutes may not require a use fee.

Loan Policy: 

The society may lend collection items to other institutions that can supply an AAM Standard Facility Report (or equivalent) upon request.


Fulton County Genealogical Society Research Materials: 

Although the society’s archives does contain some family histories and many county histories that include family information, the Fulton County Ohio Genealogical Society research materials formerly housed in the archives are currently held at the Evergreen Community Library, 253 Maple Street, Metamora, OH 43540 (419) 644-2771. Visit for hours of operation.

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